Since taking oath in office as President of Romania, I have expressed my will and commitment to ensure Romania’s assertion as a strong nation of citizens, fully aware of what it strives for in Europe, in the world and for itself. My belief stands firm. The force of a nation derives from its common values, objectives and aspirations which transcend the sum of indbiividual interests, amtions and achievements.

Romania’s national defense strategy is the clear‐cut expression of this vision. A strong Romania within Europe and the world is the clearest expression of the Strategy’s final objective, and defines the profile that our country will build in the next five years and, implicitly, in the long term.

First of all, a strong Romania within Europe and the world is a state that ensures the security of its citizens wherever they are. This statement includes many aspects. Ensuring citizens’ security means respecting them at home, protecting their rights and liberties nationally and abroad, actually making the institutions work for the citizens` benefit (as they are meant to be), as well as providing security for their communities, legal guarantees and diptlomaic protection abroad. Read more