According to its Regulations, the Leadership of the National Defense College Foundation is assured by the General Assembly of the Foundation and by the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors is selected from FCNAp members and consists of:

  • Honorary President
  • President
  • Vice-presidents
  • Secretary General
  • Treasurer

FCNAp’s Board of Directors is the governing and administrative body, which updates the state whenever necessary.

The current leadership team is formed by:

Gl.mr.(r.) prof.univ.dr. Mihail VASILE-OZUNU – Honorary President

 Alexandru CIUNCAN – President
Ion GHEORGHE – Vice – president
Nasty VLADOIU – Vice – president
Nicolae IVASCHESCU – Vice – president
Marius STICLARU – Vice – president
Marinel NEDELUT – Vice – president
Petrisor Danut GRUIA– Vice – president
Rudolf SCHMUTZER – Vice – president
Traian CARAMANIAN – Vice – president
Razvan IORDAN – Vice – president
Gheorghe VASCEA– Vice – president
Iulian TUDOR – Vice – president
Doru DRAGOMIR – Vice – president
Nawaf SALAMEH – Vice – president
Eugen GRUESCU – Vice – president
Ionut COMANESCU – Treasurer
Irina VOICU – General Secretary
Roxana TOMA & Mihaela ISTRATE – Executive Secretary

Over time, the National Defense College Foundation was led by the following Members:

Gl.mr.(r.) prof.univ.dr. Mihail VASILE-OZUNU

Dr. Iulian FOTA

Gl.bg.(r.) Mihalache SCARLAT

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