Chapter I. Name, headquarters, objective, duration
Art. 1. National Defense College (FCNAp) is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization, founded upon the free consent of the partners.

Art. 2. It has the following purposes:

  1. organizing and carrying out activities for affirmation and defense of the values, rights and fundamental interests of Romania in the field of national defense and security;
  2. supporting the development of interdisciplinary scientific research by bringing together Foundation members, teachers and graduates of the National Defense College in order to continue in the field of national defense and security;
  3. promoting Romanian cultural values as well as foreign cultural values in the field of security and defense.

Art. 3. FCNAp works as a legal entity for an unlimited length of time, in compliance with the Constitution of Romania, headquartered in Bucharest Sos. Panduri no.68-72, sector 5

Chaper II. Workstrands and arrangements of activity

Art. 4. FCNAp’s workstrands are:

  1. unification of spiritual forces to realize the ideals and national interests in security and defense field;
  2. promoting and developing relations in all fields with similar institutions in the country and abroad;
  3. researching and presenting the status, processes and trends in the field of security and defense, both nationally, as well as internationally;
  4. supporting international affirmation of Romania in its new capacity as a member of NATO and the EU.

Art. 5. Arrangements of activity consist of:

  1. organizing forums, reunions, scientific sessions, symposia, seminars, courses, TV and radio shows, drafting and publication of specific works in security and national defense;
  2. awarding and offering money for travels in interest of researching across Romania and abroad;
  3. creating a center for studying and researching issues in national defense and security field;
  4. founding a publisher and publishing specific works, editing print and newsletter editions of FCNAp;
  5. developing projects on specific topics with their own funds or funds that will work for assessing public or private funds in Romania or abroad;
  6. supporting development projects of local communities;
  7. initiation and implementation of local and regional development projects in security and defense field, with their own funds or public/private funds assessed in the country or abroad;
  8. initiation and conducting of projects related to environment protection at a national level;
  9. pursuing activities on educating youngsters in security and national defense field;
  10. pursuing and implementating partnership and collaboration projects with training institutions in national security field.

Chapter III. Members

Art. 6. Foundation members can be Romanian or foreign citizens applying and undertaking work in the spirit of the approved program;

Founding members are members who founded FCNAp and attended in its first acts until December 1, 1993.

Members of law are teachers and CNAp alumni.

Honorary members can be Romanian or foreign personalities, on a proposal from the Board of Directors.

Membership ends by death or by written request through withdrawal and exclusion.

Exclusion is decided by the General Assembly of FCNAp.

Members and the founding members pay an enrollment fee and a periodic fee established by the Board of Directors.


Chapter IV. Government bodies

Art. 7. Government bodies consist of:

  • FCNAp General Assembly
  • Board of Directors
  • Auditor

Art. 8. A). The General Assembly is the government body consisting of all members. It has the following powers:

  1. establish the strategy and general objectives of the Foundation;
  2. approve the income budget, expenses and balance sheet;
  3. choose and revoke members from the Board of Directors;
  4. choose and revoke the auditor
  5. dissolution and winding up of the Foundation, as well as establishing the destination of heritage after dissolution;
  6. any other attributes specified in law or status;

All decisions are adopted with the simple majority of the present members.

  1. B) The Board of Director shall be elected among the FCNAp members and is composed of:

– Honorary President

– President

– Vice-presidents

– Secretary General

– Treasurer

FCNAp’s Board of Directors is the governing and administrative body, updating the status whenever necessary. It gathers monthly or whenever necessary.
Chapter V. Heritage of FCNAp

Art. 9. Materials resources needed for FCNAp activity are achieved through enrollment fees, dues, support from individuals or legal entities, sponsorships, donations, legacies, publishing, recording, broadcasting, copying, surrendered copyright, interest from own deposits, public and private funds in the country or abroad and any other sources as required by law.Heritage Administration is performed according to Romanian legislation.

Chapter VI. Other provisions

Art. 10. FCNAp logo is a circle inside of which appears a Golden Eagle on the silver heraldic shield of the National Defense College against a white background. On the circle’s circumference is the inscription “National Defense College Foundation” written in black.Art.11. National Defense College Foundation can be dissolved by law or by decision of the General Assembly adopted by 2/3 of the votes of FCNAp members. In this case the dissolution will be made according to Romanian legislation, and heritage destination will be determined by the General Assembly.


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